At Home Wedding Haul

If you had asked me about this store two weeks ago I would have no idea what you were talking about. So you can thank my husband for dragging me to it one night I was feeling a little down (he knows a little shopping and home decor can bring me some joy). As soon as I entered the doors my face was exactly what the star eyed emoji looks like. I mean, how did I not know about this store before my wedding. Imagine if Home Goods and Hobby Lobby had a baby store, this would be it. They have everything you can imagine. From furniture, candles, artificial plants, vases, rugs, to a whole section of garden gnomes ( not sure who buys those, but they definitely are something else). But also A LOT and most important, A TON of decor you can use for your wedding!

Let me tell you, if you are redecorating your house or even better, planning your own wedding and need some decor, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. So check your maps to see if you have one near to you. And if you do, grab your keys and head there ASAP.

I will be sharing some of my favorite finds for weddings below, make sure to check availability at stores near you!

P.S. They are having 50% off their wedding section right now!

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