Once again, welcome to a long-time dream of mine. My own event planning and design business! Never thought it would start with my own wedding. Not just did I get to marry my best friend, but I get to now help others plan the event of their dreams.

But first, an introduction. My name is Paulina. I was born in Mexico City and lived there for 15 years. I moved to Texas in 2011. Which is crazy to think I have lived here for over 10 years. Like I like to say, I am Tex-Mex. Funny enough, I would say Tex-Mex as a food is not in my top 5, except maybe for queso and margs.

The most important things in my life are my faith and relationship with Christ, family/loved ones (including my dog Kona) and my community. I would not have accomplished all I have or have the strength to follow my dreams without them. I’ve always had a passion for creativity, arts, photography, traveling, cultures, and event planning. If you had asked my 7 year old self, she would have said she wanted to be an archeologist. However, I wasn’t meant to be the female Indiana Jones.

I attended Abilene Christian University and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. Those were some of the most fun yet sleep deprived years of my life. I will never forget the many all-nighters and amounts of coffee that were required. Classes like typography, printmaking, packaging design and sculpture were some of my favorites. That is one thing I love about design, you love what you do so much, the work is always worth it. There is nothing like seeing the finished product.

During my junior year, while helping friends plan events for their social clubs I found a love for event planning. And that summer while in Mexico my parents surprised me with an intense event planning course taught by one of the top Mexican Event Planners. A literal dream. But I made myself finish my last year of design school and graduated. However, my passion for event planning was always there. And so some years later while planning our wedding I realized just how much event planning makes me happy! So here we are. Design is still part of this new adventure, but now I get to work on both!


Here is a link to fill in the inquiry form. I will respond within 48 hours. Thank you!

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